A bipolar disorder support group

A bipolar disorder support group
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This community is for those with bipolar disorder to give or receive support.
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This community is for individuals who have been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder, or think they may have bipolar disorder. We are here for each other, to offer support, advice and to lend a caring ear. Feel free to post whatever you would like advice,your story, meds that work or didnt work for you, or other ways of coping with the disorder.

When you join please fill out the survey so we know a little bit about you. It will be nice for all of us to get to know each other, that way we will be comfortable talking about our issues. After you fill out the survey feel free to tell your story, when you were diagnosed, how long have you had the Illness,if you have other mental illness, anyone in your family have the same thing, etc. This is not required to do right away.

PLEASE DO NOT PUT PEOPLE DOWN!! We are hear to help each other. This is not a community for drama, snarkiness, or to flame each other. If this occurs, you will be warned, then if it happens again you will be banned from the community! PLEASE, lets make this a friendly community for each other.


Kids? Ages? Names?:
Age you were diagnosed as bipolar?:
Where do you live?
What meds do you take/dosages?
Have you ever been inpatient in a facility?
Do you have any other mental illness diagnosis?
Would you like to share a picture of yourself?
Any good websites on Bipolar disorder you would like to share?

If you don't want to answer some of these questions due to privacy issues, or your not comfortable just write not now and we will understand.

Please post in your journal about this community so we gain more friends, the more the merrierer!
Can't wait to get to know you all.....

Please make all entries FRIENDS ONLY thanks!

Please put any posts that could have possible triggers such as self harm/suicide under a cut, also large posts and multiple pictures.. Thankyou