January 29th, 2011


i know, objectively, that i should probably share what i wrote in my last superlong post (which probably no one read and i dont blame them) with my pdoc with whom i made an emergency appointment with for monday, but now i feel like it's stupid. especially the weird two experiences on the bottom. i mean i was IN BED each time and on the edge of sleep the first time... maybe not share that part? i printed the entry to either let her read or so that i could pick the relevant points from it because i express myself more clearly (and slowly-- coherently) through writing. im not sure how long our appointments are, really. i guess the reason it's good to bring it in is because i kind of block out my episodes later when i feel better, i don't remember how extreme i felt and so to have it written it is there and explained and though i can verbally qualify it and say oh no it wasn't all that, it speaks for itself as well. what i write can argue with what i say. But... if anyone wants to read the last two paragraphs of the last post (they actually start with 'a)' and 'b)' and maybe tell me if i should share thatd be awesome.
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