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I'm a newbie! Don't be too harsh on me.

Name: Bridget
Age: 24
Status: Marital status? Or something else?
Kids? Ages? Names?: Nein. I am childless.
Age you were diagnosed as bipolar?: In about eighth grade I was misdiagnosed as being depressed. My medicine really brought out the manic side of my illness. One stay in the hospital later I was diagnosed as being bipolar.
Where do you live? Northeastern Ohio
What meds do you take/dosages? Buspar, Cymbalta... I’m not sure of the others. I haven’t really been ‘with it’ for weeks, now, but I know I’m on those two at least. I have a complicated medicinal regimen.
Have you ever been inpatient in a facility? Yes, several times in a few different hospitals in Youngstown and Cleveland.
Do you have any other mental illness diagnosis? I have bulimia, generalized anxiety disorder, and once in a blue moon I will suffer from psychotic symptoms. None of which are pleasant. That’s why I applied, actually. I just went through a bad time mentally and I thought I could vent in this community.
Would you like to share a picture of yourself? Why not?


Any good websites on Bipolar disorder you would like to share? If I find any, I’ll be sure to let you know!
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