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Name: Amber.
Age: 27.
Status: Engaged.
Kids? Ages? Names?: None yet.
Age you were diagnosed as bipolar?: When I was 10.
Where do you live? KY for the last 3 years, MI before that.
What meds do you take/dosages? I dont. I need to, but I dont have a job or insurance and have been turned down for state help a number of times. That is what I miss about MI, they had county help that paid for my meds and theopy. :[ I have been getting worse and worse lately.
Have you ever been inpatient in a facility? Kinda. I could go home and stuff, but I had to go everyday.
Do you have any other mental illness diagnosis? ADD, very bad anxiety, cutting...
Would you like to share a picture of yourself? No, people are too judgemental. :/ If you really wanted to see tho I guess you could look at my myspace...
Any good websites on Bipolar disorder you would like to share? I dont know of any.
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